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Hello Reader’s, In this article we are going to understand the CMS concept and all about the CMS and at the end of this article you will ready to answer these questions: What is CMS ?, Why CMS is popular ?, Types of CMS, List of Popular CMS in the market.

CMS: Content Management System

CMS is a software which used to build and manage a websites/applications. It is useful when some regular based changes are required in websites like designs and contents. Nowadays, most websites are built on content management platforms. Some, like WordPress, AEM, Squarespace, Joomla, Wix etc.

So, In simpler language, a content management system is a tool that helps you to build a website without writing of all the code from scratch (or even don’t know how to code at all).

But at the same time if, you want to increase their functionality, features and designs then a developer is required who have hands on experience in specified CMS’s.

Let’s assume a problem

Suppose you have a page and in that page some content is there, ( you can take above image to better understand ). If we need to change there content on regular base then every time developer needs, and developer need to go in code base and then he can change and if code changes are going then there may be bugs arises. So to solve this issue we required some tools and this tool can be use to by any authorized person and if they need changes then they can change easily without any code changes(Author can change) thus the tool is known as CMS.

What is AEM ? How to Install and setup ?

CMS is Popular Because:

  • CMS are relatively easy to use
  • No scratch coding
  • CMS makes it easier to update, maintain, and add advanced functionality to your website through the use of templates and plugins or even your customized codes.
  • It allows you to have control of your content
  • It allows you to keep your site organized, up to date and looking great
  • We can speed up the development of websites by using CMS
  • The key functions of most CMS applications include:
    • storing
    • indexing
    • search and retrieval
    • format management
    • revision control
    • access control
    • publishing
    • reporting

Types of CMS

Based On Availability

  • Open source CMS
  • Proprietary CMS
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) CMS

Based on Working

  • Headful CMS
  • Hybrid Headless CMS
  • Headless CMS

List Of Famous CMS’s

Some famous CMS’s are as below:

Headful, Hybrid Headless and Headless CMS

based on requirements we decided our CMS’s, if front end and back end need in same place then headful CMS preferred, and if there is not possibility for designing for UI in same CMS then you can go with headless CMS’s but if there are requirements of both type of situations then you need to go with Hybrid CMS.

Headful CMS

The Headful CMS’s contains html and there are proper data format and there UI Like wordpress.

Headless CMS

A headless CMS runs in the cloud and encompasses a back-end content repository with related services to quickly generate digital experiences. A headless CMS organizes and stores content without making assumptions about how or where it is delivered.

Hybrid Headless CMS

Combination of Headful and Headless CMS as AEM.


Adobe Experience Manager is an CMS, It has really powerful tools and it can manage your businesses very efficiently and easy way. AEM comes with many plugin and out of box styles and component which can be easily used during creation of the pages and developments of your websites.

AEM is serve as many way like, As CMS, As DAM, Headless CMS, Hybrid Headless & Headful CMS and many others.

Why AEM CMS is Famous for Enterprise Application ?

AEM have these strong Five Modules, and these modules make AEM Stronger and businesses are try to migrate on AEM because it have:

  • Sites
  • Assets
  • Mobile
  • Forms
  • Community

which together make it a top-notch CMS platform to create and deliver high-traffic websites, forms, and mobile applications.

Thankyou, hope you have now clear understand of CMS.

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